100 Cup Coffee Urn Pre-measured Coffee


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Product Description

Pre-measured coffee bags make it simple to make the perfect coffee everytime with the 100 cup coffee urn bags. Simply empty the contents of 1 bag into a 100 cup or 101 cup coffee maker and brew for perfect coffee everyone will thoroughly enjoy. Fresh roasted and ground specifically for the large coffee urn.


  • Question: How much coffee to use in a 100 Cup Coffee Urn?
  • Answer: 1 Bag! No more guess work. Make the perfect coffee everytime.
  • Pre-measured coffee for the 100 Cup Coffee Maker. Just empty contents into basket and brew
  • Includes 4 bags, enough for 400 Cups of Perfect Coffee. Coffee beans are ground coarse for the large coffee urn (store bought is finer for auto-drip).
  • Also works in the 101 Cup Coffee Urn. Perfect for meetings, church, school, reception halls and more
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