100% Pure Authentic Sumatra Aceh Gayo Arabica Kopi Luwak Civet Unroasted Green Coffee Bean 4 Oz


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Product Description

Our Luwak coffee is harvested by wild palm civets and by their “special” eyesight and smell to ensure only the best sweet ripest coffee cherries at the peak of maturity are picked (Luwak is superior in picking the right coffee cherries compared to human). The cherries are then swallowed and processed by Luwak. The bean are then selected, clean and processed carefully with strict quality control and only the best are sold to our customer.

Luwak coffee is known to have exceptional aroma and taste with reduction in bitterness. For coffee fanatics out there this is an opportunity to taste one of the world greatest coffee and be able to freshly roast the beans to your own style. Nothing beats the freshly roasted coffee beans and world greatest coffee.

Award: Highest Grade by Q-Grader International October 2010

Source: Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Insitute coffee testing. 
Identity of Sample : Kopi Luwak Arabica Sumatra (Aceh Gayo).
Kind of Testing : Coffee cup testing.

Coffee Characteristic Testing Parameters      
Fragrance/ Aroma – Dry and break very good
Flavor – Excellent
After Taste – Excellent
Acidity – Excellent, Medium
Body – Excellent, Heavy
Uniformity – Excellent
Balance – Excellent
Clean Cup – Excellent
Sweetness – Excellent
Overall – Excellent


  • Un-roasted (Green) Luwak Coffee (Kopi) Bean 4 oz.
  • 100% Pure and authentic Luwak Coffee (Kopi), not a blend.
  • Single origin Sumatra Aceh Gayo.
  • Recommendation: Medium Roast.
  • Attention: Pictures do not represent the actual coffee weight.
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