100% Pure Authentic Sumatra Mandheling Arabica Kopi Luwak Civet Roasted Coffee Bean 50 Grams


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This is not a mix. This is a pure Premium Luwak coffee. This coffee is freshly roasted and we do not inventory too many of this at one time.Origin This roasted Luwak coffee beans are 100 %Sumatra Mandheling Arabica beans which is among the famous coffee bean in the world. The Luwak( Civet) fed upon this Mandheling beans in the “wild “and not fed thus permitted it to pick the very best sweet riped coffee cherries naturally. Picking the best coffee beans is the crucial aspect to get the best beans. Luwak does this best.Roasting These beans are roasted in small batches to make sure optimal quality

in every
roast. They are roasted to perfection in medium roast design to elaborate the characteristics of Luwak coffee which has actually been known to have extraordinary aroma and taste with the lack of bitterness. This specific roasted beans have the qualities of smooth, flower, spicy, sweet, complete body and good acidity.Packaging-One Way Valve The coffee beans are loaded with one-way valve coffee bag to disallow oxygen to get in the coffee(oxygen is bad for

coffee)but enable the gas(CO2 and others )from the freshly roasted coffee to escape. After these coffee beans are roasted they are positioned into this bag practically instantly to reduced oxygen exposure but they still discharges CO2, one-way valve takes care of this. In the past, before one-way valve technology, roaster has to wait up until the coffee beans are cool and”gas off”therefore made the most of the oxygen direct exposure. Product of Indonesia Features 50 grams, approx 1.8 oz.Medium roasted in small batch from single origin premium Sumatra Mandheling bean.The coffee bean are sourced from” wild “Luwak, not caged and we do not have

too numerous of this.Packaged in premium

foil coffee bag with one method valve.Make about 5 to 7 or more cups of

  • coffee and depends upon how strong the coffee is.

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