Wild Civet Coffee – Ethically Sourced Coffee Beans from free living Civets – 100 Grams


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Wild Kopi Luwak Kopi Luwak coffee beans are a type of delicacy coffee beans. To produce this coffee, the berries are eaten by the asian palm civet. In the stomach of those animals the coffee berries come in contact with the proteolytic enzymes. Those enzymes break down the outer layer of the coffee berries. A result of this process is that the Kopi Luwak coffee berries lose their bitterness and provide the base of very aromatic coffee. Afterwards each bean of the Kopi Luwak Coffee is carefully disinfected, washed, sun-dried and light roasted, so it can be consumed without any concerns. The smooth, not bitter taste of this coffee makes it a delicacy, no coffee fan should miss. With this special coffee there is no need for sugar or other ingredients to cover the natural bitterness of coffee. This results in a natural, perfect and an one-of-a-kind taste, no other coffee can provide. Because of those reasons, the Kopi Luwak coffee is the ideal, natural drink, for visits of special people, to relax, or just to enjoy the perfect taste of the best coffee available. Consuming this kind of coffee is the most exclusive drinkable pleasure, and we see it as our task, to provide everybody the possibility to take pleasure of drinking this coffee. All our coffee is processed by free living Asian Palm Civets. – we don’t think any animal should be harmed because of us! Also, the coffee, processed by those little free living animals tastes much better than the one processed by caged animals. The free living Civets eat only the ripest berries, because they taste sweeter than the other berries. This natural selection is the reason, why coffee from free living Luwaks tastes better than coffee from caged Luwaks. ↠ Klick the “Add To Cart” button to Buy Now… while supply lasts ↞

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