AmazeFan Manual Coffee Grinder, Stainless Steel, Hand Mill Adjustable Ceramic Conical Burr Mill, Ergonomics Hand Crank Design

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Product Description

Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder Hand Mill Adjustable Ceramic Conical Burr Mill with Antislip Triangle Pole Design and Foldable Handle Convenient to Carry 90-day Full Refound Guarantee

Manual Grinder To Preserve Best Coffee Qualities
No Batteries Power or Long Plastic Cords Needed
Quiet to Operate Will Not Bother Others in the Morning
Allow You to Travel with and Brew Freshly Roasted Ground Coffee Beans
Easily Used as a Spice/Herb Grinder or Anything Else You Want to Hand Grind
Ergonomic Crank to Grind Your Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans with Ease and Speed

1.Please use a brush or a rag to wash the grinder; NEVER do it with bare hands to prevent injury
2.Remember to dry it well before reassemble the parts
3.Be sure to use fresh, dry beans
4.Please avoid empty grinding or it will damage the ceramic and the grinder
5.Do not spin counter clockwise as ceramic burr may get damaged


  • Designed to last forever! This coffee grinder is made of high quality food grade stainless steel and is designed to last forever!
  • Built-in Adjustable Conical Core: Clockwise rotate get finer powder, Anti-Clockwise rotate get coarser powder:The capacity of the stainless steel coffee grinder is about 35 Grams, equivalent to 2 cups of Coffee.
  • Portable, No Need Battery:No long power cords needed to operate your portable compact coffee grinder. Handheld design allowing you to travel with and grind fresh roasted ground coffee beans on your next camping, hiking, travelling or outdoors trip.
  • Ceramic Burr Mill Core: Replacing the traditional plastic burr mill with ceramic burr mill. Ceramic burr mill is more durable and longer lifespan. It will produce the least heat in grinding to maximum keep the aroma of coffee while smooth grinding.
  • Multi-functional:Not only can it used as a coffee grinder, pepper grinder, but also can grind other dry bean and dry spice. Makes a nice gift for a special person who enjoys coffee
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