Artisan Pour Over Coffee Maker – Borosilicate Thermal Glass Carafe – Reusable Stainless Steel Mesh Cone Filter and Trivet Included – 16 oz Manual Drip Brewer with Handle


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Product Description

Warning: This Coffee Maker Could Turn You Into a ‘Coffee Snob’

Coffee lovers everywhere are discovering the amazing taste difference that comes from a slow-brewed pour over cup of coffee. It’s the unique cone shape and the micro perforated stainless steel mesh that allows for a full range of flavors to develop completely.

Ditch the Paper Filter Forever

Paper filters are often bleached using harsh chemicals, only to rob your tasty coffee beans of essential oils and vital flavor. Micro perforations are easily cleaned. High-quality stainless steel never needs replacing.

Borosilicate Thermal Glass Carafe

The attractive hourglass beaker style carafe features a handle that remains cool while brewing. Unlike ordinary glass carafes, this one resists thermal shock and breaking that can occur when rapidly transitioning from hot to cold. Holds 16-ounces and features well-marked measuring levels by ounces, cups and milliliters.

Heat Resistant Red Silicone Trivet Included

The red silicone trivet insulates as well as protects your coffee carafe and countertop or table while providing a cheerful place to put your coffee maker while it’s brewing.

Order Your New Artisan Pour Over Coffee Maker Today and Give Up Bad Coffee for Good


  • ☕ THE MOST FLAVORFUL POUR OVER COFFEE YOU’VE EVER TASTED: The unique cone mesh filter and pour over carafe style coffee maker has the ability to coax a wider range of flavors from your ground coffee beans than any other coffee pot on the planet. You’ll discover subtle flavors not possible with ordinary automatic dripper brewers.
  • ☕ GLASS CARAFE RESISTS THERMAL SHOCK: Borosilicate glass goes from hot to cold with ease. It’s the preferred glass used in premium manual drip coffee brewers. Attractive and functional hourglass beaker style carafe features genius stay-cool handle. Holds a generous 16-oz. Never absorbs odors or chemicals so every cup tastes fresh.
  • ☕ REUSABLE STAINLESS STEEL CONE FILTER: You can say goodbye to ever having to buy another paper coffee filter. High-quality stainless steel mesh won’t rob your coffee beans of their precious and flavorful oils the way paper will. The cone shape allows the coffee to brew thoroughly as the hot water takes its time filtering down to a single point.
  • ☕ HEAT-RESISTANT FREE SILICONE TRIVET: A red food grade silicone tab on the cone filter makes it easy to remove a hot filter prior to pouring yourself a delicious cup of Joe. A coordinating red silicone trivet gives you a safe and distinctive place to set down your pour over brewer. Trivet is included with your purchase.
  • &#128176 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We’re so confident that you’ll love our product, that we’ll give your hard-earned money back if you’re not thrilled with your purchase. Simply contact our friendly customer service team for a refund. All returns are on us – so there is zero risk to try the product today!
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