Blümwares 50 Ounce (1500ml) French Press Coffee Maker | Stainless Steel 18/10 SFP- 50DSC | Stainless Steel Screen Included

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Product Description

———- Bring out your inner barista! ———-

Blümwares’ French Press Coffee Maker is a top-of-the-line brewing system that delivers
amazing results with effortless operation. Unlike traditional paper filter coffeepots, the
French press completely immerses grinds in water, capturing the bean’s essential flavors
for a truly scrumptious cup of joe. Pour in your favorite coffee, add hot water, let bloom,
plunge, and pour for a brew full of enticing flavor, aroma, and body. This stainless steel
pot can be kept warm on the stovetop and is 100% dishwasher safe for no-fuss brewing.

———- Coffeehouse Quality ———-

Save the money wasted at your local coffee shop. Instead brew your own coffee
and espresso creations with our French Press Coffee Maker, a one-stop quick and
simple system. Attain the robust, flavorful finish you only find in a Parisian café.

———- Sturdy Stainless Steel ———-

Blümwares’ French Press is designed for years of use. The exterior and interior parts
are crafted of premium 18/10 stainless steel that entrap and insulate full-bodied
hot beverages. Pieces easily disassemble for quick cleanup in your dishwasher.

———- Plunge for a Perfect Cup ———-
The pot’s 3-layered plunger features a fine wire mesh filter system designed to
trap both fine and course grounds. Achieve your perfectly light morning blend, or
adjust your grinds for a more intense flavor akin to a traditionally bold espresso.

———- Functional Features ———-

More than a brewer, our French Press includes an easy-pour spout, tight lid, and
ergonomically designed handle for comfortable serving. The pot’s exterior parts
always remain cool to the touch, enabling you to safely pour it on in an instant.


  • French Press Coffee Pot Enables You to Brew & Serve Full-Bodied Coffee at Home
  • Premium Stainless Steel Pot & Parts Are Durable & Completely Safe in Dishwasher
  • Triple-Layered Plunger with Stainless Steel Screen Delivers a Bold yet Refined Taste
  • Cool-Touch Handle & Spout + Insulated Pot Provide for Safe Pouring of Hot Drinks
  • Functional Yet Sleek Design Makes Perfect Gift for all Caffeine-Loving Loved Ones
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