Blümwares 50 Ounce (1500ml) French Press Coffee Maker | Stainless Steel 18/10 SFP- 50DSC | Stainless Steel Screen Included

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Product Description

★ The opportunity to taste the best and finest coffee is at the click of a button. Brew like a professional barista with Blümwares French Press Coffee Maker ★

Paper filters used in coffee drippers remove the many benefits of coffee (essential oils, nutrients, antioxidants, and anticancer compounds). With our French press, the raw grounds will be in full contact with water directly without the use of a bleached-out filter, and that’s where the real sweetness, freshness and unmatched flavor is done. The Blümwares French Press Coffee Maker is the top-of-the-line brewing system that delivers the finest taste of coffee with effortless operation.

How to Use

  • Measure the coffee beans
  • Grind the coffee beans
  • Pour the ground into the French press
  • Heat 50oz of water to boiling
  • Pour water into the French press
  • Stir the brew using up and down motion
  • Steep for 4-6 minutes
  • Plunge the press
  • Enjoy the freshness of coffee

Sturdy & Functional for Outstanding Brewing Experience

Our French press coffee maker is designed with you in mind. Constructed with the highest and finest stainless steel, this precious machine will last for years of use. The spout makes easy-pour, the tight lid maintains the coffee concentrated and the ergonomic handle design allows you to hold it with ease and serve your cup of coffee to start the day. You can also use this French Press for tea, iced tea, hot chocolate, frothed milk, fruit infusions and a lot more. The double wall insulation ensures that your beverage remains hot or cold for hours and keep the exterior part cool to the touch, thus allowing you to safely pour and control the French press instantly



  • ★ FRENCH PRESS DESIGNED FOR BETTER TASTING COFFEE – Every morning, you will have the best cup of coffee of your life, with a flavor and aroma that is unmatched by any other. How do we know? With a french press, the coffee grounds are fully immersed directly in boiling water which releases the coffee essential oils and flavors that you would be missing if you’re using a coffee dripper with paper. Connoisseurs know that this method produces a richer and fuller flavor
  • ★ QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL MADE TO LAST – This French press coffee maker, while it’s made of the finest stainless steel, has so much more to offer. We designed this French press coffee maker with double-wall construction that helps hold the coffee temperature for a good time, the result? After you brew your coffee an hour ago, you can pour coffee later on and it will still be very hot. It has the elegance, functionality, and durability that will love nice on your counter top
  • ★ TRIPLED LAYERED PLUNGER WITH MULTI-SCREEN FILTER SYSTEM – Whether your coffee ground is espresso, coarse or whole bean, our French Press Coffee Maker handles all coffee types. The tripled layered plunger is large and smooth, which is the mechanism that allows you to press down and refine the freshness and taste of your coffee; and the best part is the screen filtration system catches tiny coffee grounds from leaking through when pressing
  • ★ PERFECT GIFT IDEA – Whether giving from coffee lovers to tea drinkers or vice versa, this coffee presser makes a beautiful gift. It’s super stylish, elegant, and modern for your kitchen countertop. Even more, it’s a great replacement from your old coffee machine. You can think of buying this for holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas gift and birthdays
  • ★ ENJOY UNMATCHED FRESHNESS OR YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK – Coffee connoisseurs swear French press makes the best cup of coffee, and we are witness about it. If this product doesn’t meet your high expectations, you are backed by 100% Lifetime Guarantee. You can either ship it back to us for a replacement or a full refund. Get yours today!
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