Café Britt Coffee, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)

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The World is WatchingThis excellent high-mountain dark roast from Costa Ricas Brunca region has an exceptional flavor hinting of wild flowers, a tantalizing fresh wood aroma, and an important distinction. The growers cooperatives that supply it are 100% Fair Trade Certified. Their wages and working conditions meet minimum standards set by Fair Trade Labeling Organizations International.As a country of origin roaster, Café Britts business model has always assured that above-market prices are paid to our farmers for their outstanding crops. This Fair Trade Certification Mark is your independent guarantee that this product has been certified in accordance with international Fair Trade Standards and is promoting agriculture as well as contributing to the security and economic self sufficiency of small and mid-sized Costa Rican farmers.Our Fair Trade coffee has two special distinctions. First, it is grown entirely in Costa Ricas Brunca region, making it a single-origin coffee from one of our countrys youngest coffee-producing zones. Second, all the farmers we work with in this region are internationally certified Fair Trade growers.Café Britt is a Costa Rican company. We have always worked closely with our local farmers, paying them above-market prices for their coffee beans. We do this to ensure plantation workers are treated fairly and growers sell us the very best of their harvests. But only our Brunca suppliers are certified Fair Trade.The Brunca region produces an agreeable coffee bean, sought-after for its ability to blend well with beans from other regions. We offer it all on its own without blending.Café Britt Fair Trade is roasted slightly darker than our Dark Roast blend and has aromas reminiscent of wild flowers with fresh wood undertones.

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