Civet Coffee Roasted Beans 100% Authentic from Indonesia 100 Gram


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Civet Coffee This exogtic coffee is extremely unique! Harvet not by human being but by the cat-like animal called Luwak or Asain Palm Civet. They wandered in the subtropical rainforest at night, creeping along the limbs of coffee trees and with their incredible cherries. Coffee cherries is one of their favorite food. After swallwoing, coffee cherries can be digested while the hard coffee beans will stay about 10-12 hours inside the luwak’s digestion system, the beans will stay and get femented using enzymes in the gastic juices before they finally defecated. Luwak’s enzymes can reduce some caffeine, acidity and bitterness of coffee. In this process, the enzymes of civets turn the aroma of coffee become so unique, rich, smooth, soft, sweet and long aftertaste. After gathering, the beans are processed hygiencially and roasted in medium style so as not to destroy the complex flavor that develops through the process. With all the uniqueness,luwak coffee has beome the most searched and wanted beverage in the world. This is not a legend, but it is a must try scarce beverage in liffe.

  • 100% Authentic Civet Coffee from Indonesia
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