Cutting Board 4 Piece Set with Food Icons Durable BPA Free FDA Approved & Eco Friendly Has Micro Ban Protection – Dishwasher Safe Won’t Warp 100% Guarantee Includes FREE Ceramic Knife!

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Product Description

New product in color box. 4 medium sized plastic cutting boards + 1 non-slip mat + 1 ceramic paring knife.

Located in Irvine, California we spend as much time as we can entertaining with our friends and family. We are always working to offer quality and affordability and to improve in any way possible. We personally test each and every product we offer, and wouldn’t sell anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves. When you buy from Resort Chef International you are supporting a family run company owned and operated in the USA.

Product Features:
– Red for meats, used to cut beef or pork on.
– Yellow for poultry, to cut chicken, duck, or game hen on.
– Blue for seafood, to cut fish or other seafood on.
– Green for veggies and fruit.

Reversible / Double Sided:
Our boards are designed to be used on both sides, which means you have twice the lifespan of a normal cutting board. No board will last forever, and the FDA recommends that cutting boards be replaced once deep knife grooves are cut into the board, as bacteria can more easily form.

Where to Use
Our boards can be used anywhere a cutting board is normally used. Because of their size and durability, customers have enjoyed using our Resort Chef medium and large boards in: home kitchens, professional kitchens, restaurants, small kitchenettes, flats, apartments, boats, when camping, during barbeques (BBQ), and picnics. NASA might even use these on the International Space Station, due to their small and compact size.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If you have a question or concern, reach out to us here. We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase.

What You Get:
– 4 Color Coded Plastic Cutting Boards (11.7″ x 8.5″ x 0.1″
– 1 Non-slip mat (5″ x 5″)
– 1 Ceramic 3″ paring knife

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  • Prevent cross-contamination and food poisoning. Each Resort Chef International cutting board is color coded in bright, pleasing colors with food icons for meats, poultry, fish and vegetables. Built-in Micro ban protection inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Food safely is our top priority!
  • Reduce counter clutter! Each medium-sized cutting board measures 11.7 x 8.5 x 0.1 inches. They stack together neatly and don’t take up much space, so are easy to store in drawers or cabinets. This makes our set of 4 the best choice for college dorm rooms, apartments, and camping! A perfect gift set addition.
  • Professional quality cutting boards! These boards are made of BPA Free and FDA approved materials. Certified tested to provide you and your family with the safest surface for food preparation in the industry today. They can withstand temperatures up to 230F or 110C and are loved by restaurant chefs, senior living communities and families across the country. The boards meet or exceed the most stringent California State regulations for food safety.
  • Our boards last twice as long as the competition because they are reversible. This doubles your investment! No board will last you forever, but these high quality kitchen utility cutting boards won’t dull knives and are easy to maintain. Best for all food prep, including slicing meat and chopping veggies. Use in the kitchen, dining room, campsite or even while you barbecue.
  • Free ceramic knife included! Every purchase comes with a 3″ Ceramic Paring knife. Have you ever had the pleasure of working with a ceramic knife? If not, then you are in for a real treat! This knife remains sharper and lasts longer than traditional steel knives. Also has a knife cover for safety and easy storage!
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