Ekua civet coffee beans 50g, 100g, 250g Philippine civet coffee (kopi luwak) (50g)


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Why finest coffee civet coffee that creates the natural miracle is called “phantom of coffee” it is located in the output. Civet cat, there is a habit of eating only the most ripe delicious coffee beans. By reduction of civet cat, it is more and more the supply amount is limited, become a very valuable coffee. Civet coffee, it is possible to go through the process of the enzyme works and fermentation in the body of a civet cat, and wearing a distinctive flavor and aroma. Its rich aroma is something great that can not be obtained by other coffee. Taste as it was very balanced, coarse taste is very small. Moderate bitterness and flavor with a sweet, person also coffee bitterness is not good to drink delicious. Yield of the rare production civet coffee is highly dependent nature of the gift to the number of civet cats from the process. Occasionally, the civet cat is confined to the cage seems to be the case that they let me forcibly eat coffee, but such a thing is in the Philippines was no boom by the movie not been conducted. In particular, this civet coffee farm that coffee is supplying also where famous commitment to organic farming, is the coffee that is harvested by to take advantage of civet even though the free-range the habit to offer. Of course there is a limit to the yield, even orderable amount is what rare that there is agreement. Food safety international certification FSSC22000 authentication farm this civet coffee supplier, has a vast coffee plantation in northern Philippines. In the farm, civet cats have been in free-range, civet coffee is produced. We are working on the development of coffee to stick to natural farming in the farm. In addition, an international certification for food safety, and holds a FSSC22000, it is safely managed from raw beans roast, until packing. and peace of mind to you be able to enjoy the original civet coffee.


  • Civet coffee (in Indonesian “kopi luwak”)
  • It is a coffee very rare that is said to be “phan
  • Its unique flavor and aroma has been building in
  • The famous farm in the commitment to organic farm
  • Highest in the refreshing ice coffee You can also
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