Grinds Coffee Pouches – 3 Cans – Cinnamon Roll – Tobacco Free Healthy Alternative


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Product Description

Grinds Coffee Pouches are the original coffee chew, a tobacco free and nicotine totally free coffee pouch used by numerous to stop chewing tobacco. Each pouch consists of caffeine equal to 1/4 cup of coffee, in addition to some guarana, taurine and B-vitamins for energy. Each can includes around 16 pouches, and we sell the cans in numerous quantities, beginning with a minimum of 3 cans.

Grinds is discovered in clubhouses throughout MLB, NFL and NHL, in cops and station house, in ambulances, on hunting trips, on oil well, and much more.

We currently have 7 various tastes of Grinds Coffee Pouches offered for sale, and we are including brand-new flavors every year (in addition to constantly working to make the finest pouch and experience we can).

Mint Chocolate tastes like an Andes Mint or a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie, and is advised for mint tobacco users, and really everyone!Caramel tastes like a light caramel latte with a tip of sweetness, and is recommended for coffee lovers and caramel coffee drinkers.Cinnamon Roll tastes like a bite of a cinnamon roll

and a swig of coffee, and is recommended for Cinnabon fans, tobacco users who wish to feel a burn/tingle. Mocha is our initial flavor, tastes like a bold coffee flavor with notes of chocolate, and is recommended for coffee fans, new customers, and people with standard taste.Peppermint tastes like a strong peppermint latte without the sweetness, and is suggested for peppermint fans

, mint tobacco users, and people who want coffee while preserving fresh breath.Vanilla tastes like a light vanilla latte with just a tip of sweetness, and is recommended for coffee lovers, vanilla tobacco users, and brand-new Grinds users.Black Coffee tastes like a nice, strong, black cup of coffee, and is suggested for coffee enthusiasts and black coffee drinkers. Features!.?.!?? STOP CHEWING TOBACCO & START USING GRINDS: A caffeine kick to help you Grind it out!? TOBACCO ALTERNATIVE AND ENERGY POUCH: Each pouch is equal to 1/4 cup of coffee!.

?. !? USED BY

  • MLB, NFL, & NHL PLAYERS & TEAM: Grinds remains in all 30 MLB Locker Rooms!
  • .?.!? SEE WHAT THE BUZZ IS ABOUT: As seen on SHARK TANK, ESPN The Publication, & Entrepreneur Magazine!.?.!? OUR GUARANTEE: No hassles & Money-Back Returns. If you’re not delighted with
  • your purchase, just contact us



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