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Welcome to Homestead Coffee Roasters! Meet our roasters!

One of the most delicious cups of coffee you’ll ever enjoy is sourced straight from the mountains of Colombia . Colombian coffee has long been one of the most sought after coffees on the planet because of its rich, bold flavors and intoxicating aromas. And now, thanks to Homestead Coffee Roasters and Amazon, you can have it delivered straight to your door.

Our Colombian coffee is produced in small batch cooperatives in the distinguished Valle de Cauca region, located in Caicedonia at an elevation of approximately 5400 ft. After hand picking, the coffee cherries are moved from the farm by truck to the wet mill for de-pulping, a 48 hours fermentation process, and mechanical drying in silos. Once this processing is completed, the coffee is transported in parchment to the beneficio (dry mill), located in the center of Caicedonia for final milling, grading, and preparation for export.

Colombian Coffee by Homestead Coffee Roasters is an organic blend that’s hand roasted to be absolutely perfect for those who want all the great benefits of a traditional cup of coffee, without all the jittery side effects. A well-balanced gourmet coffee that features subtle hints of honey, cherry and caramel, Homestead coffee is perfect for those who want pure, delicious coffee each and every day.

Try our one-of-a-kind coffee now and taste for yourself how wonderful Colombian Valle del Cauca truly can be. 100% Organic Coffee Beans pesticide and chemical-free.

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  • ❀RICH AROMA & DELICIOUS TASTE: Our gourmet coffee features sweet notes of honey, mild cherry and caramel making it well-balanced and exceptionally complex
  • ❀ORGANIC COFFEE and HAND ROASTED: fresh to perfection on our small controlled batch roasters, and roasted immediately prior to packaging Every bag is consistently the same with our roasting profile system!
  • ❀NO JITTERY SIDE EFFECTS: Our premium coffee is made from all-natural, organic ingredients which means there’s not a lot of caffeine to give you the shakes, jitters or heart palpitations like other coffees
  • ❀INCREASED ALERTNESS & FOCUS: Homestead Coffee Roasters has created an organic, fresh roasted coffee that not only gives more energy, it also increases your mental focus and cognitive function
  • ❀FAIR TRADE SOURCED and RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIED: We at Homestead not only believe in creating and enjoying delicious coffee, we also believe in fair trade and compensation. That’s why our coffee is always sourced from legitimate coffee producers
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