Kopi Luwak 1lb / 456 Grams 100% Pure Wild & Orgranic Civet Coffee Medium Roasted Robusta Whole Beans. Imported from the Philippines Roasted Fresh in the USA


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1 pound/456 grams packaged as 4 individual (4 ounces/113 gram) packages 100% PURE ORGANIC MEDIUM ROASTED WHOLE, NATURALLY GATHERED from WILD Palm CIVET CAT KOPI LUWAK Civet Coffee BEANS– We package a 4 oz hermetically sealed aluminium foil bag to ensure prolonged freshness — Enjoy each package slowly instead of a big bag that can go stale – Where do the Coffee Beans Come From? Nestled in the ancient rice terraces of the Cordillera Mountain range in the Province of Ifugao in North Luzon, Philippines, a Conservation Project is home to wild civets who eat the ripest beans off the organic, shade-grown, rain-forest coffee plants. A 24 hectare civet rescue area of rain-forest within the 40-hectare Julia Campbell memorial park has been established to provide the opportunity for park caretakers and coffee farmers to rescue civets from the black market. The wild civets are then released into the fence-free reserve where they freely dine on as much shade-grown coffee as they like. The beans pass through the civets undigested, but enzymes in the civets’ stomachs break down the proteins of the beans resulting in an incredibly smooth, luxurious gourmet coffee. Why Buy From Bantai Civet Coffee?– 100%ORGANIC and WILD civet coffee beans! The parks coffee growers encourage local farmers to switch back to traditional organic farming methods. Compost is freely provided to any interested farmers of any crop. NO CHEMICALS ARE USED AT ANYTIME or even in the same drainage of any fields within the Julia Campbell Memorial Agro-Forestry Park. All coffee is SHADE GROWN and Bi-Cropped. This ensures a robust diversity of plants, insects and other crucial elements to a healthy ecosystem. Any expansion of coffee growth is done with minimal impact and NO CLEAR CUTTING and NO MONO-CROPPING or NO ERADICATION of INDIGENOUS and ENDEMIC COFFEE PLANTS. – visit us at — www.bantaicivetcoffee.com – THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING THIS SOCIALLY MINDED AND DELICIOUS PRODUCT – MARAMING SALAMAT PO!


  • 1 Pound/456 Grams -100% Pure Wild Organic Roasted Robusta Civet Coffee/Kopi Luwak Whole Beans – packaged in 4 heremetically sealed aluminum foil coffee bags with 1-way valve to ensure freshness (4 ounces/113 grams each) total of 1 pound/456 grams.
  • 1 FREE Jute/Gift Tote Bag and Palm Civet Information card
  • Roasted Fresh in the USA to ensure a long shelf life & Superior Roast
  • 100% Wild & Organic rosubsta beans gathered from wild civets, CANOPY SHADE GROWN, Pesticide free certifed by Philippine Government
  • approximately 16 servings per package (7 grams to one 8oz french press) 65 servings total
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