Loose Leaf Tea Infuser (Set of 2) + Tea Scoop – Ultra Fina Stainless Steel Strainer and Steeper for Mugs/Cups

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ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY ULTRA FINE STAINLESS STEEL TEA INFUSER SET BY APACE LIVING Universally useful, with a large capacity, this unrivaled tea system is capable of brewing the perfect assortment of ice, warm tea, specialty blends or traditional tea including black, white, organic, ginger, chai, jasmine, oolong, herbal and other herb teas, peppermint, flower, gunpowder, Darjeeling, green tea, decaf, detox, fruit teas, Japanese / English / Chinese teas and more. 3 BEAUTIFUL FINISHES TO ELEVATE YOUR DECOR It doesn’t matter which of the three high quality, tea strainer brewer kits you choose, you can rest assured that every single piece – the tea ball, tea spoon scoop and drip tray saucers are engineered from the FINEST modern, 304¬†Grade¬†Stainless Steel (SS304) – rivaling cheap tea balls and tea bags in every area – durability, aroma and flavor. And because they add elegance to any decor, you’ll happily find they’re a wonderful addition to any kitchen ware collection, teaware, whistling kettle, jars, tea tumbler, canister, portable tea container, tea net or tea accessories you already own! UNQUESTIONABLE VALUE – MAKE A TINY CUP OR AN ENTIRE LARGE CAPACITY POT! Reusable metal sieve with filter does more than save you money and time. It’s ‘perfectly sized’ capacity allows you to enjoy a single cup, brew for you and a friend, or satisfy an entire party of tea-loving guests. And unlike vintage plastic or silicone tea brewing sets, or fragile ceramic or glass pots, our LOCKING silver tea infusers deliver an exotic, whole flavored gourmet brew exactly how you like it


  • ✅ UNLOCK NEW FLAVORS – THE ONLY TEA STRAINER WITH ADVANCED Ultra-Mesh Technology: We tested endless iterations of micro-hole positioning and basket size before creating the ONLY ultra fine loose leaf teas strainer that UNLOCKS EVERY LAYER of AROMA & FLAVOR – for a strong, flavorful brewing experience every time
  • ✅ UNRIVALED CRAFTSMANSHIP, UNPARALLELED VALUE: While most tea infuser sets are 304 STAINLESS STEEL ‘coated’, ours is SOLID throughout, so it won’t rust, dent, warp crack, or taint your tea. LARGE CAPACITY – ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE: 2 tea infusers, 2 drip trays and 1 tea scoop allow you to brew tea for you and your beloved, or a houseful of friends.
  • ✅ DEBRIS FREE TEA – LARGE, MEDIUM & ULTRA FINE LEAVES: Tea ball quickly unlocks the flavors any large, medium and fine tea leaf, even rooibos, without leaching debris into your cup. EASY CLEAN: Simply set the tea infuser on the INCLUDED DRIP TRAYS to cool, then use warm water to RINSE BOTH CLEAN IN SECONDS!
  • ✅ TOXIN-FREE & GORGEOUS – THE GIFT THAT LASTS AND LASTS: Tests show most cheap tea steeper sets leach chemicals into your tea, resulting in poor taste and potential health damage. Our elegant tea set is crafted from the HIGHEST FOOD GRADE materials, then rigorously tested for purity, performance and safety.
  • ✅ 1 YEAR WARRANTY – CHEAP IMITATIONS COST YOU MORE: Looking at ‘knock off’ tea infusers and wondering if they’re the same? If you tried every one you’d know they don’t hold a candle to our quality, craftsmanship and engineering. So go ahead, try it out for 30 days risk free. You’ll love how it delivers the perfect brewing experience, or your money back!
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