Mahout’s Blend The Rarest & Most Expensive Coffee in The World – Try it. Naturally Refined, Naturally Expensive made by Elephants – 4-5 servings. Special Blend of Coffees


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To honor the incredible work our Mahouts do in rearing and taking care of our elephants, we have actually produced a special Mahout’s Blend. With their input and numerous trials, we have actually produced the ideal mix of refined and non-refined coffee beans into a balanced, beautiful new mix of Black Ivory Coffee. The roasting team developed an unique roast that boosts all of these terrific flavors so you can take pleasure in the decadence of Black Ivory Coffee but at a lower cost. The most expensive coffee on the planet simply got a bit more affordable with this special mix inspired by Mahouts, their rich heritage and the roles they play in the lives of our elephants. You will still find an extraordinary quantity of work that goes into creating each gram of this special mix. From selecting the premium Thai Arabica coffee cherries to feeding the elephants, their full-time care and the mindful roasting procedure to draw out the tastes of this coffee blend. Some say this coffee resembles civet coffee or kopi luwak and yes the beans are ingested, fermented and extracted from animals. Nevertheless, the significant distinctions are that our elephants are treated with the utmost care. They have full-time care-givers and deals with like day-to-day baths, playtime and naturally those luscious coffee cherries. Elephants are herbivores so, the stomach enzymes and the fermentation procedure is slower providing more time for the flavors of the sweet cherry skins and pulp to blend with the coffee bean. This offers the coffee its smooth, chocolatey and sweeter taste. No bitter burnt aftertaste associated with coffees like Lavazza or Death Wish Coffee. There are complicated tastes of dried date, spices, lime and earth tones that you will select with each sip. It has an abundant scent however tastes extra fragile, almost tea-like. Above all, we are a social business and consider the welfare of the elephants, the Mahouts and conservation of their habitats as the most essential thing in making our special coffee. 35grams of whole beans.


  • & #x 1F418; TASTE OF SHEER INDULGENCE- Naturally fine-tuned, Naturally costly. You won’t get any other coffee journey like this, that’s why it is the very best coffee in the world. Now combined with washed Thai Arabica Beans to produce a more well balanced coffee. So the elephant-refined coffee is blended with a batch of this Thai Arabica to get a best balance of notes that is a little more powerful than the original blend. We have actually released this specifically on Amazon and it is readily available NOW.
  • & #x 1F418; SOCIALLY ACCOUNTABLE BRAND NAME – that enables regional neighborhoods & farmers to take advantage of your coffee drinking. Our coffee harvesting process advantages towns and high school kids in Surin who help clean and process the coffee beans. Black Ivory Coffee and this special Mahout’s Blend advantage the Mahouts providing them a consistent earnings source that is much greater than the standard logging, tourism or ritualistic work they might be limited to.
  • & #x 1F418; BRINGING YOU A BRAND-NEW BLEND. We have developed a new blend of the famous Black Ivory Coffee in a Mahout’s Blend. In recognition of our Mahouts who from little kids begin to produce a really unique bond with each of our elephants. As part of the family, Mahouts pamper their elephants with baths and nutritious foods. It is made from Elephants refining premium coffee cherries to offer uniquely rich coffee beans. Like how Luwak coffee is made but without the concerns over caging and replicas.
  • & #x 1F418; ENVIRONMENT – Our elephants live in towns in Thailand’s Surin Province and the coffee cherries are carried from Chiang Mai. Just the sweetest, optimal cherries are chosen for the elephants to consume and separate. After the beans have gone through the elephant’s body, we arrange and choose just the best beans, tidy them and roast them to purchase. The process is completely natural to protect the environment and extract all the natural and characteristic tastes of the delicate coffee beans.
  • & #x 1F418; DISTINCTIVE AND COMPLEX BODY – by mixing the naturally refined coffee with premium-grade Thai Arabica Coffee beans we have actually had the ability to increase the supply and produce a more balanced mix. With fantastic notes of chocolate, tamarind and spices. The exceptional Thai Arabica beans and comfortable conditions for the elephants, provide it a sweetness and tea-like consistency, in contrast to any routine roasted coffee. It is among the most unmistakable drinks you will ever taste.

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