Primula Cold Brew Travel Bottle with Black Insulating Neoprene Sleeve – 20 oz.


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Product Description

At Primula, we create items by exploring how people prepare beverages in different cultures and work to understand the experience and ritual behind these preparations. Identifying why people love different and unique beverages is the first step in our creative process, and our products are designed to connect with that rationality. Crafted from temperature safe borosilicate glass while utilizing a super fine stainless steel mesh that doesn’t alter flavor, our Cold Brew Travel Bottle is the ideal solution for enjoying delicious cold brewed coffee on the go. Guaranteed to make refreshing cups of iced coffee, our Cold Brew Travel Bottle produces coffee that’s up to 65% less acidic and naturally sweeter than any heat brewed variety. It’s the perfect accoutrement for creating rich, smooth, and icy cold coffee to jolt you awake in the morning or to make it through those long summer days. With a minimal physical footprint, the Primula Cold Brew Travel Bottle is incredibly useful for out of the house expeditions! Its slim design makes it perfect for storage in a suitcase, canvas bag, shoulder bag, backpack, and more, and the insulating neoprene sleeve has a carry strap for easy access. Get brewing!


  • Thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass bottle
  • Removable, super fine, stainless steel filter
  • Neoprene sleeve
  • BPA free; Neoprene sleeve
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