Rwandan Coffee By Teafrika: African Arabica Freshly Roasted Whole Coffee Beans From Rwanda – Medium Roast – Premium Quality Coffee Beans With beautiful Flavor & Caramel Aroma


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Coffee Has Never Tasted Better! Get the Rwandan coffee by Teafrika and wake up every morning with a delicious cup of coffee. The great taste of the coffee beans will linger on your tongue and caramel aroma will fill your lungs. You don’t need to go to a coffee shop to drink a good cup of coffee. You can now do it in the comfort of your own home with Teafrika! The Journey Of Our Coffee Starts In Rwanda! It is Africa, where the best coffee trees grow and give Teafrika their coffee beans for the Rwandan coffee. The finest quality coffee beans grow at high altitudes where the soil is very rich and the conditions are ideal. That’s why our coffee beans have such a great taste and aroma. A Natural Drying Procedure, after which the best coffee beans are collected from the trees, they are washed and left to dry under the hot African sun. Then they are sent to us, at Teafrika here in Toronto, Canada where we carefully roast the premium quality beans and we pack them in order to send them to you as fresh as possible. Get Our Medium Roast Coffee For A Stronger Flavor! Our Rwandan whole bean coffee is of medium roast, and has great flavor. It is the perfect coffee to keep you awake! The medium roast Rwandan coffee exhibits a silky creamy body with pleasant fruity sweetness, caramel aroma. Don’t Hold Back! Click The “Add to Cart” Button NOW And Taste The Best Coffee Of Your Life!


  • THE FINEST QUALITY COFFEE BEANS: The Teafrika coffee beans come from Africa, the birthplace of coffee, and they grow in grounds with high altitude. The high elevation and the rich soil conditions make Africa the ideal place to grow the best quality coffee beans. Rwandan Coffee is the perfect, premium quality coffee that can create the best cup of coffee you have ever tasted. Try it and see for yourself!
  • MADE WITH GREAT CARE: The Rwandan coffee beans come from delicate coffee trees that grow in Rwanda. These Arabica coffee beans are washed and naturally sun dried, without the use of any machines, so the Teafrika coffee blend is 100% natural and unbelievably fresh and delicious. Its caramel aroma and mouth-watering flavor make Rwandan coffee the best coffee to drink to start your day!
  • AROMATIC MEDIUM ROAST: Our African Arabica coffee beans are medium roasted and you can tell by the rich medium brown color of the blend. Thanks to its balanced flavor and caramel aroma, Rwandan coffee is one of the most delicious coffees you will ever drink. Make a mug of Teafrika Rwandan coffee every morning and fill your house with the great smell of our high quality Rwandan coffee.
  • KEEP THE COFFEE FRESH FOR LONGER: The African Arabic coffee blend comes in a well-sealed, airtight bag that will keep the Rwandan coffee safe during the delivery. But the quality packaging will also keep your coffee fresh for much longer. The coffee will come freshly roasted for you, and the airtight bag will keep its aroma and freshness until you empty the bag!
  • A TORONTO BASED COMPANY: Teafrika gets the highest quality coffee beans from the best coffee trees in Rwanda. After the beans have been washed and sun dried, they are sent to us in Toronto, where we roast them and pack them to send them to you as fresh as possible. Every single bag of Rwandan coffee that leaves our company in Toronto is filled with the best quality whole coffee beans.
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