The World’s Most Exclusive Coffee, 100% Genuine Kopi Luwak Specialty Arabica Premium Blend Ground Gourmet Coffee (100g)


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About Exotica Kopi Luwak : Exotica Kopi Luwak is the world’s most exclusive coffee. With the unique combination of natural selection and “processing” by a coffee eating animal, known as the Luwak (Asian Palm Civet), and the stringent quality control imposed by the producer, your cup of Kopi Luwak would have been through an extremely elaborative selection process that results in a limited quantity of the finest coffee on earth fit for the most discerning coffee connoisseurs. This superbly aromatic bouquet coffee, with ultra-smooth texture and rich taste unrivalled by any other coffee will lead you to a highly satisfying experience. Coffee drinking will never be the same again after your encounter with Exotica Kopi Luwak. Exotica Kopi Luwak Premium Blend is made from genuine Kopi Luwak Arabica specialty gourmet coffee beans blended with a hint of Exotica Super Arabica beans which consists of the top 5% quality coffee beans handpicked by farmers. It is made for the coffee connoisseurs who love the exotic taste of premium blended coffee from Indonesia. Profiles : Roast Profile: Medium Roast Taster Profile: Acidity – Mild Aftertaste – Tangy Aroma – Flowery and Earthy Body – Medium Bouquet – Woody Complexity – Medium Brewing Instruction: Step 1 : Place around 10 grams of Exotica Kopi Luwak’s ground coffee into a French press. Step 2 : Add approximately 100ml~150ml of hot water (91ºc ~ 96ºc). Using a spoon, slowly stir the brew. Step 3 : Put the filter assembly on top of the French press and leave the coffee brew for 3~5 minutes. Step 4 : After distillation is done, grasp the handle, begin plunging the filter. Make sure not to plunge too fast in order to avoid hot coffee from spurting out. Step 5 : Slowly pour the coffee into a coffee cup. Let it set for a minute to allow the sediment to settle down and the world’s most exclusive coffee is ready to be served. Buy now and taste it! You won’t be regret!


  • Original Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee), The World’s Most Exclusive Coffee
  • Produced in Java & Sumatra, and Roasted in Malaysia
  • One of the Must Do’s in the Bucket List, Perfect Gift Item for Adventurous Gastronomers
  • Ship Fresh directly from Malaysia using DHL Global Mail with Tracking Number
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