Top Double Edge Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit by Shaveology – Engineered to Deliver the Best Shave of Your Life Guaranteed! – Hands Down the Best Safety Razor on Amazon for the Price. Best Mens Gift!

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Product Description

Our Brand Story:

Welcome to the Shaveology Family- an exclusive world for a new breed of gentlemen. We are a premium American company with a mission to bring back the goodness of “old school” shaving and combine it with the swank of today’s hipster gentleman to give you a superior shave- every time.

All of our Shaveology designs are patented and exclusively made from the finest materials, and then hand assembled with care and precision for superior performance and durability.

Our luxury safety razors were made to enhance your gentleman lifestyle for a price your grandfather would be proud to pay. We are confident you will love your shaving experience with Shaveology and how your skin looks and feels after. Getting the smoothest shave is what our company is known for.

What You’ll Get in Your Wet Shave Kit:

– A Luxury Chrome Closed-Comb Double-Edged Safety Razor

– 5 Platinum Steel Razor Blade Refills (2 Month Supply)

– Leather Blade Guard for Travel or Home Use

– Polishing Towel to Keep your Griffin Razor Looking New

– Premium Gift Packaging Case

Shaving Is Easy as 1-2-3

– To open the Butterfly opening of your Shaveology Safey Razor, simply twist the bottom of the handle and the razor will open.

– Carefully insert one of the platinum double-edged blades into the butterfly opening. Then twist the bottom of the razor to close the butterfly opening.

– Gently shave your face or body putting your razor at a 30-degree angle and shave with the grain your hair grows (never against the grain). The razor’s handle is perfectly weighted to provide just enough pressure to allow the blade to trim your facial hair. Let your Shaveology razor do the heavy lifting.


  • 💪 OUR RAZORS ARE BUILT FOR IMMORTALITY…. You know those cheap razors that break easily, cut up your face, and end up costing you a fortune for how often you have to replace them? Say goodbye to those frustrating shaving days, and say hello to the last razor you will ever need to buy! Our breakthrough patented butterfly opening razor head is expertly designed to create zero resistance while shaving to prevent accidental cuts and eliminate razor burn and ingrown hairs.
  • ⚔️ “IT’S LIKE THE EXCALIBUR OF RAZORS!” As a kingly man, you want the best. You want a close shave, without nicks and cuts. Ain’t nobody have time for that. Finally, you found the excalibur of all razors that is worthy to be near your good-looking face. With our perfectly-weighted and no-slip handle, you can enjoy total comfort and control for a consistently close shave– every time. Your facial hair is no match for this excalibur of safety razors!
  • 🎁 THE PERFECT CHRlSTMAS GIFT FOR THE JAMES BOND IN YOUR LIFE! If your dapper man is like most manly men, it can be tough finding him the right gift he’ll actually enjoy. If you really want to shock and impress him, then you have found the ultimate hipster gift he’ll love. He will feel like a legit James Bond shaving with our high-end Shaveology Griffin Razor that’s hand crafted and expertly engineered for the utmost quality.
  • 💯 SO GOOD, YOU MIGHT WANT TO GET ONE FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL LADY TOO! We hear it all the time from our VIP customers… A wife sets out to buy our premium safety razor kit for her studly man, but after seeing how well this razor works, she may or may not have taken it for herself. So take it from us, you might want to get one for each of you! Great for shaving legs, armpits, and even heads. We recommend using our Shaveology Pre-Shave Oil and Shave Lather for a superior, smooth shave.
  • ✅ ENJOY OUR LIFETIME “LOVE YOUR SHAVE GUARANTEE!” We believe in good old-fashioned, premium quality combined with modern comfort and technology. We created our patented Griffin Safety Razor for today’s new breed of gentlemen. If you are looking for an indestructible razor that is worthy to be an heirloom, then you can add our Shavelogy Griffin Razor to your cart with complete confidence and excitement. We provide a full lifetime money back guarantee on all our Safety Razors.
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