Trung Nguyen Coffee (Trung Nguyen coffee) Sang Tao8 (250g)


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Product Description

Coffee, which is said to commodity introduction illusion. Once in Vietnam become coffee harvest will come without even from the raccoon dog (civet cat) where. And I would eat only the good beans were ripe. But beans entered the raccoon dog of the stomach will continue to change to the beans with a distinctive deep fragrance by the digestive enzymes in the body. Because beans are excreted intact without being digested, the local people have roasted Remove the beans from the droppings. Very rich – the smell rich and other coffee is said to taste beyond compare, but the amount that can be collected has been said to be negligible for “coffee of vision”. Trung Nguyen Coffee (Trung Nguyen coffee) Sang Tao8 (250g) is a coffee that meet in the depths that have never tasted until the gentle fragrance that was reproduced by the best technology with the taste Trung Nguyen now. Note (Disclaimer)> Please be sure to read direct sunlight, please save to avoid the heat and humidity.


  • Contents: 250g
  • Ingredients: coffee beans
  • Product size (height x depth x width): 220mmX40mm
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