Trung Nguyen Legendee Gold Coffee 8.8 oz


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Product Description

The Legendee Gold is Trung Nguyen’s flagship coffee as served in over 1200 coffee shops across SE Asia. Note in the images that we are now beginning to ship the new, boxed package (silver motif) so you might receive either package in the transition. New images show the outer box and inner package of coffee.

This is a natural enzymatic simulation of rare and expensive Kopi Luwak coffee, with traditional SE Asian roast style. Arabica, high-altitude Robusta, and Excelsa varietals. Visitors to SE Asia see this coffee proudly displayed in Trung Nguyen shops and available as an “upgrade” to the usual house Cafe Sua Da Vietnamese coffee (iced or hot)

In October 2012 Trung Nguyen reverted to the original name of this coffee, “Creative 8”. Trung Nguyen became famous initially with 9 named coffees in the Creative Coffee series. They have recently gone back to this naming convention, but the coffees are the same, only the names have changed.

NOTE: We are the only vendor who ships the product as shown in the picture, with the color card enclosed that explains the history and legend behind this unique coffee. Makes an excellent gift!


  • Natural enzymatic simulation of the rare and expensive Kopi Luwak coffee
  • Ships on next business day after order, by Priority Mail.
  • Trung Nguyen’s flagship coffee; Traditional SE Asian roast style. Blend of Arabica, high-altitude Robusta and Excelsa coffees.
  • Ships with full card insert that explains the coffee’s rich history, great for gifting
  • Please note that this is NOT civet coffee and no animals are used or abused
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